Review: Lunch

The most eagerly anticipated, the most longed-for of all meals, the John the Baptist to hometime's Jesus. Watch the clock in the corner of your screen: amazing how long five minutes can feel, when you're checking the time every 30 seconds. People who say life is short have obviously never had a tedious office job.

The happiness of lunchtime's arrival finds its equal and opposite reflection in the Post-Lunch Slump, that terrible torpor that takes over around 3pm and often doesn't abate until you sink that first drink of the evening, four long hours later. Houseflies, moths and African presidents have lived entire lifetimes in that period: you have achieved nothing but a passable impression of an Excel spreadsheet.

Lunch is threatened on all sides: by the rise of the ricecake, the rise of Pret A Manger, the rise of the raise, the rise of the desk-bound lunch. When your only lunchtime freedom is a quick scroll through the pages of BBC News, you know your life is no longer worthy of the name. It's important to claw back an hour to sit down somewhere, eat something, bore friends or colleagues with your boring anecdotes. Are you a man, or a machine? Or a woman? Or a woman-machine?

Lunch: A fun way of distinguishing between morning and afternoon that people of all ages can enjoy. 8 out of 10.


At 9:18 pm, Anonymous Andrew said...

No reviews since Thursday?

More review! More reviews!


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