Review: Marks out of 10

Anyone in a relationship, or non-relationship, with a foreign who doesn’t speak English (i.e. is illiterate), might find it useful to hear that Italians also grasp the concept of arbitrarily assigning something marks out of 10 because you can’t be bothered to use any adjectives. This has been very helpful to me in the past. Now I hope it can also be helpful to others.

It is also important to remember that 5 out of 10 is only average, not bad. If you follow common practice and give something 7 out of 10 for being average, then you are left with nothing to give to things that are, like, really, really good and have to resort to illogical behaviour such as giving things 11 out of 10. It is very hard for a lot of people to grasp this important mathematical principle, but is also a good way of winding up someone I know who is very easily wound up, by saying things like “Yes, it was very mediocre: I’d give it about 7 out of 10.”

Marks out of 10: I’m not giving this a mark out of 10, I’m not fucking Charlie Kaufman… nor am I Charlie Kaufman.


At 5:46 pm, Blogger Sloop said...

Hilarious blog. Love the Charlie Kaufman bit. Good stuff.


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