Review: Winter

After a promising beginning – white skies veined with tree branches, an extra hour’s sleep, fashion features on what jumper to buy for strolls along off-season piers with my Imaginary Boyfriend – winter quickly outstays its welcome. A flurry of consumerist excitement around the middle portion of the season doesn’t compensate for the dramatic loss of pace into January.

No matter how many times I sit through this formulaic rubbish, the calendar year never ceases to surprise me. Autumn, birthday, Christmas, New Year, spring – surely? In fact, winter goes on for at least two months into the new year, increasingly cold, wet and uncomfortable. Apparently global warming won't help much either. The Gulf Stream might switch off leaving nothing but icebound wastelands and the lonely figure of Dennis Quaid leaning chin-first into a blizzard.

Winter: Great for depressives, and people with highly photosensitive skin. Other than that, and some interesting weather effects, there's precious little to recommend it. 4 out of 10.


At 2:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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