Review: Embarrassment

I'm fairly sure I once met someone who told me that guilt was the most useless emotion, unless I dreamed it. Whoever they were, they were wrong. Embarrassment is far more useless than guilt. Embarrassment is more useless than anything else useless in the whole useless universe.

Not only useless, but all-encompassing. I have become so used to eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing in a constant oppressive atmosphere of embarrassment and regret that I barely even notice it any more. My capacity for embarrassment has become so enormous that, if I wet myself while in a crowded tube carriage, I would be no more embarrassed than I was when I was last forced to admit that I haven’t read anything by Jane Austen. I have, in effect, become unembarrassable.

Having a blog is extremely embarrassing, but I console myself with the thought that probably no one reads it.

Embarrassment: Up there in the top five Worst Things (Trivial). 1 out of 10.


At 4:40 pm, Blogger Hurley Gurley said...

Greetings from Myrtle Beach, Home of the Spring break Beach Party

At 2:08 pm, Blogger HA HA HA said...

thares nothign embarasin abot not redin jane fuckign auston. personnoly i shout it forrm teh housetops. its hel climin up their but its wroth it for teh efect. atlest on til they start chasin me.

At 3:26 pm, Blogger Eskimo said...

no youre right, the bitch probably hasnt read anything by me either.

At 1:03 pm, Blogger Misreflection said...

LOL , Here am I trying hard to kill the Guilt factor, now that you mention it , its so fucking useless why even bother, haven't given embarrasement a thought, maybe as you get older this gets less worse, can't recall my last embarrassing moment , Jeez I must be ancient.

At 11:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't read Jane Austen? English Literature GCSE, June 1997, Pride & Prejudice set text. How did you manage the A* without reading it. Unless there's something you want to own up to..?

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