Review: February

Rachel writes...

A month so crap that it was the first to be shortened when someone finally bothered to count the days in a year. One wonders why they didn't axe it altogether and simply make the 1st of March a very long day.

The Romans began the trend of making these four weeks the most depressing by proclaiming them a hiatus from all the fun feasting and shagging, and having a 'festival of purification' instead. Which probably involved colonic irrigation. The Anglo Saxons obviously weren't faring much better since they named this aberration of a time of year 'solmonaĆ°' - 'mud month'.

In today's February things are not much improved: everyone is ill, it's cold but you can only buy dip-dyed silk hippie skirts in the shops, and lots of people you know have turned into crazed, homicidal sociopaths after some insane plan of giving up the last vestige of happiness in their miserable lives in aid of Lent.

February: At least it's not a bloody leap year. 2 out of 10.


At 3:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Rachel... I was going to make you a card to celebrate the end of february, that most vile month, with a nice picture of Hunter S. saying 'give a thought to the casualties of February'
but in the end I was so overcome with depression and greyness that I couldn't be bothered.
abi x


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