Review: Not having a mobile phone

With this, the lengthiest and most artistically consistent period of not having a mobile phone, the form has finally reached a kind of perfection. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but there’s something oddly satisfying about being too stupid to pay your phone bill on time and getting cut off. Even if it means you have to spend a lot of time in phone booths that smell of wee and are wallpapered with prostitute cards. Surely this can't be a marketing ploy? Who frequents phone booths in this day and age and, etcetera. Clearly, the prostitute cards are civically-minded acts of guerilla decoration.

On the plus side, when everyone’s dead of brain cancer from the phone radiation, I’ll be laughing.

Not having a mobile phone: Humbling, at times even invigorating, but essentially tedious. 3 out of 10.


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