Review: The arrival of spring

Aahaha fucking ace.

The arrival of spring: Aahaha fucking ace. 10 out of 10.


At 8:15 pm, Blogger hungbunny said...

Yeah, but all too soon it'll be summer. Bleugh.

At 10:44 pm, Blogger Maus said...

Yey Spring! :)

At 10:34 am, Anonymous eskimo said...

hungbunny, explain yourself. summer is a beautiful thing.

At 10:35 am, Blogger hungbunny said...

I'm furry. I like winter.

At 3:29 pm, Blogger Philip said...

Oh, yeah. Freshly broiled traffic fumes, small winged horrors buzzing through the air, small squalling horrors rushing about the earth, the retch-inducing dryness of air-conditioning, the bounteous exposure to the eyes of purple paunches, hairy shoulders, biceps like Hovis loaves... Ahhh, the beauty of spring.

At 12:05 pm, Anonymous DONNA said...

Eskimo i'm with you - it's ace!

At 10:31 am, Blogger Marty said...

Well, it certainly was a great weekend, but I wouldn't worry. The British weather is a cruel temptress, getting one's hope up for some clement weather then pissing down for the next few weeks to remind you of your hubris.

At 5:05 pm, Anonymous claire said...

yes summer is crap, mosquitoes, suncream, obese people in swimming suits, need i go on?

At 4:45 pm, Blogger Sharyn said...

Awww, yay, Spring! British Spring and Summertime can get...well...most of us hopping around with joyful insanity. I think that maybe it's not just the beautiful sunshine mixed with a cool breeze, or the promise of long lazy evenings and warm water, but also because the winter is so grey and drab that by the time Spring gets here, its the best thing ever! Who could possibly take that for granted?!

At 12:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spring ..... was that last weekend? Summer... is that the next sunny day? that the day after? Winter... 51 weeks of the year?????

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